Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sunday 26th Feb

Extract from the Ivanhoe Runners race report on Sunday’s Ashby 5m road race
“Bob White ran his first five mile race for a very long time and was surprised with 37.06 for 222nd place, just beating Rosie Dear 27th lady in 37.12.”
The truth is out – Bob White has been secretly training and emerged as a race bandit.
Just Beating Rosie Dear – there’s surely a folk song there, it has to become the new bon mot for the accomplished bantarian.

I was surprised on Sunday morning to get a call from Bob & be summoned out on the road bike for a ‘steady 20 miles’ to enable Bob to complete his duathlon, which had a rather long transition (including the hour long drive back from Ashby). After 20 miles hanging on for dear life I was allowed home and managed a steady 30 in total, the remaining 10 being very steady indeed. It was a fine sunny afternoon with little wind so a delight to get out on the bike.

Steve Hall

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