Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wasdale 2012

Wasdale wasn't any easier second time round, but I managed to knock 30 minutes of my previous time and finish in 6.01 - 95th out of 144 starters. It was mostly clear all of the way round, not too warm (apart from the climbs) and mainly dry underfoot. I was going really well until Gable and then the wheels started to come off. I found the climb to the summit hard and felt like I was running on empty from Styhead only managing a steady walk to the summit of Scafell Pike and even though its all down hill from there to the finish the legs just wouldn't let me go that quick. Reflecting on my performance at the finish I don't think I ate or drank enough. I had plenty of gels and energy bars and a bladder full of energy drink. However I didn't fancy any of these and therefore wasn't taking on any fuel. I reckon I would have been better with some jam sandwiches, pork pie, nuts and raisins and just plain water. You live and learn and it means I'll have to have another go to test the theory.   The blurb on the back of the race map talks about Wasdale being the hardest race in the calendar and I'd probably agree. It's been along time since I've struggled walking up and down stairs after a race, but it sure beats a day shopping! Richard

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