Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trigger 2013

Trigger 2013 
Another excellent performance by the Bounders on the Trigger 2013.  A change of start venue to the more luxurious accommodation of Marsden Cricket Club also meant a downhill start.  Very cold and icy at the start with thick mist, which broke up as the leaders crossed Black Hill to give a superb cold clear day with excellent visibility.
Transport, roadside refuelling and random encouragement were provided by the injured Fin. All 3 competitors, Ian, Richard and guest Bounder Alex were within 10 minutes of each other for most of the race, which made supporting a lot easier.  Kinder proved the crux where Alex in his first long distance fell race finally lost some ground on Ian and Rich. 
All 3 put in a fine performance with Ian 45th in 4.18, Richard 79th in 4.35 and Alex 110th in 4.57, all excellent times under the 5 hour mark. 

Team Manager

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