Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sherwood MTB

Brilliant day out in Sherwood forest, Red route exhileratingly muddy, challenge was ensuring the bike and you both went the same way. After Mark dispatched the jumps section in fine style (its brilliant - my mate went over the handlebars last time and his shoulder's never been the same since) we were interrupted by the arrival of Amos and Gobby - see photo. Luckily Stewart Cecil brought the crisps. We then broke out and explored new ground into the suburbs of Mansfield before heading back into the forest and tea & snap in Clumber park. It was freezing sat outside, and worse, the tea went cold.
After that we'd run out of technical stuff where I could sneak off, and it was a case of hanging on for dear life as the other 2 vanished into the distance. what made it worse is that Bob had ridden there from home, scorning the idea of taking his bike in the car, and Mark hadn't been on his bike for months. Glad to be home and recovering.


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  1. Lovin the photo, I recognise Bob, but is that Richard Mair at the front?