Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trigger 2012

What a day! Superb weather and a great route, visiting the trig points on High Shelf Stones and Kinder West makes for a different event.

Instead of dicing with death running down the Snake Road dodging traffic, you have to make your way from Snake Summit to Kinder  – either a civilized promenade along the Pennine Way as Bob & I did, or the uncouth direct route down to the Snake Path & steeply up to the edge as taken by Richard and Mark. Ok, their way was shorter and quicker. Then after the Downfall you plunge into the heart of darkness on the plateau, initially following the river then hope for the best (a bearing helps).

Crossing Bleaklow with low flying helicopters and gunfire was a bit surreal.

Big thanks to Neil for being team manager, and taking some excellent photos. Apparently Roy was out training at the isle of Skye but just missed us.

There are photos of me & Bob on the Triggers website but very late on... say no more.

Steve Hall

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