Monday, April 16, 2012

Caythorpe Canter - 14 April 2012

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and whilst I was warming up like the professional athlete I am (well I did a nice stretch when I reached down tying my shoe laces), Bob was seen reclining in the front seat of his car reading the paper - no doubt studying the form for the Grand National later in the day.  Ahhh, we Bounders make fine role models to the younger generation................

I had decided to run the long course and Bob the short as he had to get over to the football in Sheffield in the afternoon.  It was a small but beautifully formed field at the long start and after the first mile or so I tucked in about 3/400m behind the race leader and followed him (as I couldn’t catch him) for the next 13 miles, although I felt pretty good at this point.  At mile 14 the route took a few twists and turns and my memory let me down so I resorted to the running notes and route map for guidance (two weeks running I’ve now used a map – this must be a record for me) and my pace slipped with the occasional stop / start at unmarked junctions whilst I considered my options.  After 21 miles we reached Ancaster and turned for home straight into a head wind, which combined with some small inclines and tired legs, required significant will power to keep at a decent pace.  I managed to complete the course as runner up in 3.16.45 which I was really pleased with and Bob turned in a fine performance in the short course in 1.56.17

The post race shower, teas, sandwiches and cakes were up to the expected Caythorpe high standards we have grown to love, so until next time.........


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