Monday, April 9, 2012

Four Inns

Bounders in sensational Four Inns record breaking success
The Bounders team comprising Roy(mad dog)Jackman, Richard(iron man)Andrews, Mark(crimper)Wilson, and self.
After dramatic last minute withdrawal of Finn after strange and mysterious episode with his Indian clubs, the bounders are reduced to a rump of four, Crimper returning after a 30 year sabbatical recorded a four hour personal best(one assumes the years were wisely spent erradicating torpor from his muscles) and Richard also proudly boasts a new seven minute personal best. Remarkably, the bounders are only seven minutes slower than 25 years ago and at this rate will still be below 10 hours in our 80th year!
The conditions it must be said were drier than fading memories can recall which set us up for one of the finest four inns outings ever. Roy although questioning his resolve to carry on after this, his 30th year, still put in a fine captains innings(marred only by the occasional onset of cramp).
Hope that this memorable outing will fire us up to a sub 9 hour time next year!

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