Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lincolnshire Poacher Trail 13 miler

The day started off badly, as the heavens opened to deliver a drought relieving downpour, which lasted all of the race. Ian finally turned up in his posh new Volvo, after getting lost and nearly entering the bike race that was also occurring at the same time. (without his bike…..).
I was starting to feel a little happier when Ian confessed to having a skinful the night before, and also forgetting his trail running shoes. I had thoughts of actually being able to stay with him for the duration of the race. My mood soon turned when Ian waved nonchalantly over his shoulder and said "I'll see you at the finish Mark". The race was for the most part off road, and although I was sporting my New OMM breakable waterproof, I was completely and utterly sodden after the first 5k. I foolishly took my mobile phone to track the route, and it is still drying out in the airing cupboard as I type. Nearing the end of the race, the route took in some lovely fields which managed to stick to my shoes nicely, the Bay City Rollers would have been proud of my platforms…..It was certainly nice to see Woodies, the end was a welcome site, with soup and pastries awaiting. Ian did a magnificent 1:36 something in his brand spanking new Asics, whilst I did a consistent 1:47 in my old trail shoes. Wish I'd had a few beers the night before now….

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