Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tealby Circuit - Time to Beat?

I crawled out of bed on Sunday morning, peered out of the window and thought, my bed really is comfortable so returned to my warm nest.  Sometime later I started to feel guilty, so crawled out of bed again, had a healthy breakfast (by my standards), hung the washing out, walked Mutley and drove over to the usual parking place on the grass verge outside the Church in Tealby.  With my stopwatch set, I was off like a racing greyhound after his favourite stuffed rabbit.  The first small hill out of the village proved quite exciting as I had to leap onto the verge as a large Volvo Estate came barrelling down the hill and didn’t even acknowledge my presence by slowing down or moving over.  Stainton le Vale passed in a blur and 31 minutes later I was climbing the footpath out of the first ‘valley’ and after 63 minutes I had completed the second ‘valley’ and was heading towards the road.  Running down towards ‘snowdrop wood’ and passing a walking couple, the a women of the couple leapt out of her skin with a squeal as I went past, such was the shock and awe tactics of my pace down the hill.  After a swift climb up towards the routes high point at the radar dome, I was off again playing cat and mouse with a couple of mountain bikers.  All was well until gravity and mechanical advantage took them far into the distance down a large hill as we approached Walesby.   Draining the last of my drink at the old Church, I pushed hard at the quick up and down of the deer enclosure before admiring the oversized sheep.  I was nearly overcome (with desire), but managed to drag myself away up the last hill, down the side of the ‘birdy wood’ and with a last thrash across the final 2 fields, emerged onto the road.  The last push up the road returned me to my car in 1.53.07 where I did a good impression of a dying man for at least 5 minutes.  Ground conditions were sticky but not too slippery, I wore my speedcross 2 trail shoes (remembered them this time Mark) and it was lovely clear sky all  morning with bright sunshine, and after a cool start, warmed up nicely.  All in all a grand day out, if a little tough on the brain with the effort of running and pushing hard on my own with no one to chase down or keep ahead of.  A time to beat then for the future................

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