Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Training update

Training Update Sat 3rd March
To get into condition at the beginning of the season is hard work, for while resting superfluous fat has accumulated, some muscles of locomotion have become more or less flabby, the circulatory system is torpid, and the chest muscles and organs of respiration are slow in their action. To counteract all this, we must at first have plenty of practice to bring the muscles into obedience to the will, skipping, walking, and running to strengthen them, sprinting to cultivate speed, and three-quarter and mile runs to tone up heart and lungs. Indian clubs and dumbbells are occasionally used. These various exercises, used lightly at first, and gradually increased under experienced direction, will produce the necessary vigour and hardness, and bring the player into condition for match playing.
I’m sure you will recognise the words of the great Ernest ‘Nudger’ Needham, outstanding Left Half and captain of Sheffield United between 1892 and 1909. Bob and I were both conscious that our circulatory systems remained a little on the torpid side, so following Nudger’s sage guidance we had a fine day out from Fairholmes on Saturday, skipping, walking and running over the hills until our muscles were brought into obedience and some quite satisfying vigour and hardness resulted.  We covered about 18 miles with 3,800 ft of ascent, via Kinder, Hope, Win Hill & Yorkshire Bridge, and with some excellent views once the rain and clag had cleared.
Back at the car park we enjoyed tea and bacon butties (a non specific ‘meat pie’ for Bob).  I then headed home to polish up my Indian clubs, while Bob went into Sheffield to support the Blades and pay due homage to the spirit of the great Nudger.

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